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Tweets with Hashtag: #radiology

Tweets with the Word: radiology


Being in the radiology program is going a full day without doing homework bc you think you deserve it, then panicking bc you took a break🙃

by sarah

Bandar Alshammari

RT @MonaAlGhofaily: @DiaryOfRad ردًا على السؤال الأول، في هذي الدورة في شهر اكتوبر " radiology made easy " دورة معتمدة من هئية التخصصات الس…

by Bandar Alshammari

Jen Walker

Excited for the MIC Radiology Update for the FP today at RAH #CME

by Jen Walker

ꙮMantis Space Marine

RT @rahaeli: in the US doing this treatment. One of them is in network for my plan along with the hospital and the radiology clinic at the…

by ꙮMantis Space Marine